July 3, 2008

Healing Fourth

I know I have some issues. Pretty serious ones; yet I am open and have the gumption to deal with them. This primary election brought about a lot of inner turmoil and feelings that may have been lurking and forging themselves since I was in high school. But I am A) Happy to be alive to deal with them and B) Happy to be alive to deal with them.

After watching my first choice and my second choice unite in Unity...After I wrote Tavis Smiley and thanked him for caring about black health...for caring about black education and for not always sticking with race clusters just because it's what everyone wants or expects, and for genuinely looking out for the conglomerate issues and how we all fit together as one, I began to deal with some of these issues I have. These are the ones I can't really verbalize because I don't know how to yet, even to myself.

Friday night, as Senator Obama and his entourage left our kids' soccer game, and as the secret service and Chicago Police scattered, everyone was all a buzz. "The President just left." Whispers and humms of quiet subtle excitement quivered like clouds overhead as the Suburbans pulled across the grass onto the street and out of sight. Everyone had been holding it in for hours because no one wanted the kids to feel different, or I guess The Obamas, BUT things were different AND I FINALLY GOT IT! I sat in my chair, in the middle of this downtown soccer field, as the air hung low, the sky grew dark and with kids running all around: I realized that I FELT GOOD.

This IS SO much bigger than issues, or what can he do for the country, or even the movement. It is what we, as Americans, can charge onto this country's account and have it really be cashed in. He may or may not be effective, or right, or he may just fall into this role and rock us into a new hemisphere. Who can really tell, but WE are ready. We have all morphed into this electric force ~ ready to be accountable and hold everyone else accountable ~ AND be on fire!

It's weird because Senator Obama doesn't even look the same. It is as if the very "same" of us who have always been here in this city, raising our kids and doing our thing...WE are no longer the same either. We have evolved. It is as when the rainbow begins to fade. That moment or gasp when the rainbow, at its most brilliant before the dark sky lightens again, has its colors shimmer from sight. We are all becoming brilliant, its an energy of hush before the crack of the fireworks. It is the healing that comes forth here in July. One Nation...now truly indivisible...with Liberty and Justice For ALL...WE are all charged! So with that vision that we have, and our hopes and prayers for our ever changing beckoning world, I wish you a Happy Fourth!

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