June 26, 2008

As Salaamu Alaykum

While I never endorsed a candidate here on "Healthier, Happier, You", let's just say that the "change" candidate I am now behind has left me with a huge mass of concerns. As a woman. AND as a FIRM and STEADFAST believer in diversity.

While I remain proud of how far we have come, my concerns for myself are heavily outweighed by my passionate concern for our Middle Eastern and/or Islamic family members. THEY ARE OUR FAMILY. One America. One LOVE.

To maintain health and happiness we must embrace the parts of ourselves we do not understand.

Had anyone noticed the very close assistant to Senator Clinton? She was at every debate, by every handshake, and whispering in her ear at all times. Senator Clinton's campaign was run by women of all color, but her three closest advisers are Maggie Williams, Patty Solis-Doyle, and Huma Abedin.

Maggie Williams

Photo credit Melina Mara
StaffPhoto 1. Patti Solis Doyle, campaign manager 2. (l-r) Neera Tanden; Milanne Verveer; Capricia Marshall, minyon Moore; Huma Abedin; Ann Lewis; 3. Cheryl Mills; tamera Luzzatto; Mandy Grunwald; Lissa Muscatine.Thu Jun 14 17:33:04 2007

Born in Michigan, Huma Abedin attended Georgetown University before landing an internship at the White House in 1996. She has remained at Senator Clinton's side ever since.

Her remarkable poise and leadership has been the buzz of D.C. for a decade. BUT what I would like to see is how in this current place in the election, she or someone with her impeccable background, can bridge the Democratic campaign's bruising relationship with the American Muslim.

Born to an Indian and Pakistani heritage, and being Muslim, her being in Senator Clinton's team spoke volumes as to how committed that campaign was to diversity.

I may get some flack here, but its not just BLACK AND WHITE! There are others of us that we need to listen too, without being SO afraid of who we will SCARE, or perpetuate the fear some of our other family members seem to be experiencing!!

I always felt that Senator Obama's campaign was steering SO FAR away from anything Muslim in nature to assuage the masses. Well it worked, but at what cost??

I suppose being called a "F***ing Arab" (I'm not) has given me a sensitivity chip that I may have otherwise not had, BUT I am sure Senator Obama has been called one too, and I TRULY sympathize with his position, and I KNOW for a fact that everyone is in his ear about a multitude of issues and concerns. BUT, I can not help but feel a pain in my heart when I see my sisters sitting in hijab looking bewildered by the hate and misunderstandings. Being denied a place in a photo, at one of the Democratic events is so crazy.

Being denied a place in the inn, being a source of unfounded trepidation and having your world completely misinterpreted is hard. We all need to suggest, with quick expediency, how we can heal and make this less of a gap. Our health and happiness depend on it.

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