July 16, 2008

Bright Lights, Big City, Hot Night!

On this hot, bright, night, in downtown Chicago, there were cute little kids of every ethnicity and racial make-up just flittering and scurrying about. British, Asian, Black...a mixture of all three...each game is such a wonderful sight in this traditionally segregated town.

Another soccer game...another secret service blitz, but each game brings a newfound respect for the Democratic Presidential candidate. Senator Obama has made nearly every game. Now, I don't know if it is because the media is watching and subjecting his every move to scrutiny ~ so he attends, or if it is because of his attack on fathers, therefore making it campaign strategy - it is a welcomed effort, whatever the case ~ all possible reasoning aside. I think his daughter played in the Hyde Park league last year, so I do not know if he attended regularly during that time, nonetheless, I honestly feel this is such a nice statement for him to make. Many dads are out there saying, "Well, I'm pretty busy, honey, so I can't make your game" yet this dad really is busy. It speaks volumes ~ staged or not.

There are many single moms out there too. They bake for hours in that blazing steamy Chicago summer sun and I don't see him paying notice, but just the fact that he is there speaks to his dedication to family. I kinda like that.

What do you think??

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