July 14, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes ~

As the banks begin to crumble, my mind is wondering. I do not have a lot of money but what I do have...I would like to keep! Is this reminiscent of the Great Depression?

Will everything we worked so hard for just go away? Things that we had in place to prevent this did not.

Thankfully, these questions, for some reason, do not keep me up at night. I am sharing this with you because I hope they are not keeping you up either.

Remain healthy and steadfast that good things will come. From the storm the rainbow does shine and I can cliche you all day!!! But remember, we must stay healthy in our minds and in our souls...for our families and our bodies!

I may have quoted the "Horse Whisperer" here before, but it is so true when Robert Redford's character "Tom" looks at Kristin Scott Thomas' character "Annie" and they have this exchange:

"And the more I try and fix things,

the more everything falls apart."

"Maybe you should let 'em fall."

"- No, I can't."
"- Why?"

Why can't we let go sometimes and let things be as they may?

In this case, with the financial and economical woes that we may all be confronted with...there may not be much of a choice, so the best thing to do is to come through to the other side in tact...healthy and strong and better from the journey ~


Nardeeisms said...

Great post! I'll buy it! - Nards

Houseonahill said...

That's right! Let's not fall under the bus ~ Let's enjoy the ride!

Thanks for stopping in, Nards :0)