July 18, 2008



I'm mad, so please excuse me, BUT one reason I really wanted Hillary Clinton as President is that I am SO sick and tired of men, old farty men at that, worrying about what I do with MY vagina!!!

Seriously, IT'S MINE! What I do with it is MY business! I can take it off, birth through it or have anyone I want do whatever I want with it! It belongs to me.

No one has EVER told men what to do with their penises. WHY? Because it belongs to men. They do whatever they want with them. WHATEVER! They even rape us with them. Is it a crime? SOMETIMES.

In my line of work, I recently witnessed a case where a man "PUNCHED" a woman's vagina. YES, "PUNCHED" it. It is being tried as a MISDEMEANOR!

I am so overwhelmed with our legislators. YES that includes my SENATOR, state and OTHERWISE.

How can a room full of men sit and legislate that it is okay for a man to be tried for "PUNCHING" someone in their reproductive area and then turn around and state it is also okay that she not be able to decide what to do with her reproductive area is WAY beyond me. I am not a lawyer, but cases like this make me want to be. And I am too emotional to be political, but I respect our women who are.

Now, I know there were circumstances in this case, and that the State had to work with whatever is on the books in order to get any sort of conviction, and also the extenuating circumstances have to weigh in, but I really implore male and female alike, to really pay attention to your local and federal laws. Keep your elected officials at your finger tips.

My rant today was a compilation of witnessing that case in court last week and the email I received about our current administration's plans to assault reproductive health on their way out the door...sorry.

I thank you guys in advance for giving me this forum to SHOUT about my feelings when necessary ~ That's what friends are for right? And it is "HEALTHY" to vent sometimes.

Okay, now go out there and have a great day!


Tamera said...

Yeehaw! *jumping up and down*. You go girl! I could not agree more.

Houseonahill said...

Missed you!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!