June 22, 2008


Photo of Amani, Soledad O'Brien, and Mario E. Page, courtesy of Mario E. Page, Director of Photography
EP2 Media, Inc.

Quite often I extend accolades to my cousin Mario. His talent, his gifts of photos, friendship and love have been really great throughout life but especially since I started this blog.

When he sent me this photo, taken after Amani, of MyUrbanReport.com, interviewed Soledad O'Brien of CNN, it struck me. THIS is what it is ALL about.

Shades of Black, represented right here. Intelligence, talent, beauty ~ blooming quite magnificently despite history.

Our glory has shown with brilliance in the face of adversity! I am so proud of my country, and its challenges, because it has all led to this!

For goodness sake! When I was a little girl there were no black radio stations, and to see a black face on television in the 60's was a special night you could not miss!

Come July 23-24 when CNN airs the documentary "Black in America" a dialogue that started with this election season will continue. We will continue to be victorious in our efforts to live in diversity. That utopia my Gran used to let her eyes twinkle about will realize in this lifetime. Our persistence, our love for humanity and each other has prevailed!

There will be setbacks, Katrinas, Jena6's and more to come, but America should be proud of herself. We are evolving. We are learning to embrace, or pull coattails that lead to the embrace. Black people will continue to nudge, stretch, and open that birthing canal. We will come forth, and the oneness created will be something so illuminating and profound. Our children will continue it, because it really is out of love. There will be pain. There will be gain. And it will all be in shades of black.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cuz! Love what your wrote. This is what it is all about. Shades of Black LOVE!


Houseonahill said...

Awww, thank YOU cuz! LOVE YA!!