May 16, 2008

Fun Town!

Blogging for Human Rights yesterday was really fun. I enjoyed reading all of our missions, ideas and viewpoints!!

Sadly, Mother's Day in Chicago was a monsoon so the Y-Me Breast Cancer Walk in Grand Park turned into something straight out of Noah's Ark. My sister, her husband and my niece lasted about 2 hours before giving up, but she raised money and all in all it was a great effort. Better weather next year!!

I did however capture Chicago Saturday and Monday. It was slightly overcast, but beautiful as always! So, as promised, I have posted just some of the pictures.

Our mayor, Richard M. Daley has done wonders with our landscaping and has encouraged some very interesting art to be displayed every year. I love it!

One year we had cows. Last year we had globes. This year is a mystery. Our gardens have been modeled after Versailles. In addition to all of that, we have received a gift from Polish Artist Magdalena Abakanowicz. Her gift, titled "Agora" are giant, massive, cast iron, hollowed out figures that resemble walking boots or legs...I suppose you must use your artistic interpretation! There are 106 figures that appear to be just walking around the corner at Roosevelt Road and South Michigan Avenue. It always makes me stare!

Enjoy the pics and enjoy the day!

THIS is a cast iron flower near Buckingham Fountain, still researching who the artist is! Cute isn't it? It stands about 8 feet tall!

THIS guy was a live mannequin. Painted silver from head to toe, he billed himself as the "Chicago Tin Man".

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