May 27, 2008

Tomorrow is another day!

I went away without having gone anywhere. Somewhat like this beautiful piece of art on this busy thoroughfare. Standing tall in the midst of chaos. Not really knowing where I was or what I was thinking!

It wasn't writer's block or any emergency.
It was a rare form of brain freeze, but not really quite that either.

I started posts everyday in my head. Plenty of juicy politics, slimy affairs, and world catastrophes occurred, but I guess there was nothing I was feeling passionate about? Is THAT possible?

Not really having much success telling you what was going on in my head the last few days, I guess I should plainly admit that I am not so sure myself!

There were plenty of fun encounters on Blog Catalog, as usual. Often that can be a BIG distraction. Everyone is so cool, kooky and fun over could spend hours, if not days, just commenting and having a ball!

Mainly though, I have allowed something to weigh heavy on my mind. It is a major complication in my mind of how we view, and as a society, influence crime with ourselves and our legislators.

A new wave is being tested through many parts of the world. It is akin to
Evidence Based Practices
but for our purposes, its relation to treating offenders and reducing recidivism.

The major shut-down I experienced is closely related to a meeting I attended with a Canadian professional who encourages responsivity and cognitive behavioral support when one has committed an offense.

This new take on our dealings with those who commit heinous crimes against society is both invigorating and frightening.

Somehow the complexity of it all shut me down! My main complaint has been that in attempting to assist offenders in lifestyle changes...while a great idea, can be very taxing and go against the grain. It is also a huge feat ~ most adults have to reach a pivotal point before they seek behavioral changes.

I always argue this is a prime issue that should be dealt with, here in America, at a federal level and somehow be implemented into our early child-hood development.

Teaching youngsters in early childhood curriculum about anger management, intervention and strategies for healthy living seems like the most productive angle.

Citing the problems we are facing here in the States with teen violence, rage and gang (I say terrorist) activity, wouldn't this be a more congenial approach?? It is cost effective and more likely to succeed. It may not be as profitable. Surprisingly, many dollars are made off of crime and correctional institutions. Building jails and courthouses is really not the wave of the future anymore, though many are inclined to believe that it is. There has even been a lot of talk to privatize the criminal justice system! What do you guys think about that?

Productive programs should be enriched. Programs like "Cease Fire" should not be subjected to administrative funding changes. Just because there is a change in the White House, our safety should not be impacted.

Well, it is all just a thought ~ pondering all of this somehow shut me down! Glad to be back and I look forward to all you have to say!

Enjoy the day!!


Los Angelista said...

Sometimes taking a little break is necessary. Too much to think about and yes, sometimes it's not super inspiring.

I absolutely am against privatizing the criminal justice system because then the more folks in jail, the more money the system makes -- well, it's sort of that way now, but you know what I mean. Gosh, so much to think about. My brother never managed to stay out of jail for long, but I also don't think there were any real interventions for him to access while he was in jail. And if there were, their efficacy means nothing if the person isn't ready. -- Gosh, this is a lot to think about! said...

Los Angelista, isn't it? Thanks for your input. I plan to keep this conversation going periodically and maybe we can all figure this out together! I'm sure we would all really benefit from efficient programming and alternatives that channel and change our everyday thinking. Our current perceptions have not done much good. I like that this new concept promotes accountability, and you as an educator knows how vital it is to start as early as possible, not once they've become synonymous with trouble.

We can all greatly benefit our nation's kids with our dreams of evolution for the criminal justice system. What else would encourage us to get there one day but love and hope!