May 15, 2008

Blogger's Unite For Human Rights ~ Let's Talk About NOLA

Bloggers Unite

As Blogger's Unite today reporting on Human Rights issues, I would like to once again share a video that I posted back on January 24, 2008. This video, from Finding Our Folk, is part of a documentary or series from months ago that has recently been honored at the New Orleans Film Festival! I received the email today that details what went down at this year's festival which ran in April 2008. The Finding Our Folk Tour Documentary was chosen for the Audience Award ~ Special Recognition! So congratulations to the Finding Our Folk Team!

In addition, the New Orleans brass band HOT 8 were also on hand engaging in dialogue and also performing. The email also shared that the Boston International Film Festival June 9, 2008 at the Lowes/AMC Theatres will also feature the Finding Our Folk Documentary from 3-5pm.

This is such encouraging news. Many people remain displaced and unable to come home to New Orleans. Housing has not become available. Jobs remain scarce. There is still a fight for unity, for just reconstruction, for the violence to end and for other basic human rights. Please make your voices heard. New Orleans needs to stay in the focus. Please visit New Orleans City Hall.

This latest PRESS RELEASE is a must read.

As tragedies are happening all over our great world, and with such frequency, we are becoming less inclined to keep up with all of the depressing news, turning our thoughts inward as we try to triumph over our own struggles. BUT please remember that while all of these tragedies need our focus, our attention, our money and our time, New Orleans is an American Institution. It is unique to this land and it's residents have not been adequately taken care of.

As the New Orleans Hornets press on and fight for their beloved city and their place in NBA history, let's take this opportunity to bring more exposure to what needs remain, what else can be done, and how we can help NOLA!

We all know it has a special place in my heart and in my soul ~ as it does for so many others as well. Many others who left behind a home, a job, family and friends. NOLA's lifestyle, NOLA's food ~ the Mississippi, the Gulf, and Lake Pontchartrain just have to be attended to!

Enjoy the day!! Thanks Blog Catalog and ALL my blogging friends!

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