May 9, 2008


Well, it is Mother's Day Weekend!!! Happy MOTHER'S DAY to all of you who are mothers, have mothers to celebrate with or sisters, friends what have you, that you are sharing this weekend with. If you are sad this weekend at some sort of loss or memory of a loved one ~ be sure to get out and do something nice or fun!

Chicago is celebrating Mother's Day with the Y-ME Breast Cancer Walk in Grant Park!!

SO, if you readers remember our friend Ramona Russell of UptownLiz.Com, who lost her 28 year old sister to breast cancer, visit the site and buy something for someone you love all while contributing to your favorite cause!

Stay tuned, gonna be out and about taking pictures of beautiful Chicago this weekend, that is, IF it doesn't RAIN!

This one is for YOU MommyB and Keri!!!


Kaizen Consulting Blog said...

It would be great to be in Chicago for the race. The last time I was in Chicago was approximately five years ago. I need to get back there. said...

Hi, Kaizen Consulting Blog...I have to check you out! The race was exhausting hence my absence from writing. It rained torrentially!! Windy City it was!
You really need to come to the Chi ~ 5 years of growth, you'll be presently surprised!