May 7, 2008


I really had to take a few days after the Kentucky Derby. Part of my distress was PMS, seriously, but I really had to evaluate some things. Our world is so multi-faceted. Complexities, subtleties, innuendos ~ we are a passionate race of beings.

Life goes on. In watching Eight Belles trainer Larry Jones tear up as the PETA protest ensued. REALLY, I mean there are hundreds of thousands dead in Myanmar...while everyone has their cause, can we just let the man mourn his filly in peace.

Kdawg68 has given us a few expressions of movement that I vehemently support.

I am creating a donation badge to help as well. Here are some sites to check out that support healthy environments for horses overall. As society continues to evolve, hopefully we will continue to strive for a more compassionate society for all living beings. Infanticide should be our first goal...then we can work hard toward eliminating other rights violations.

Here are the sites:, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Cantera USA

There will also be more information forthcoming on how we can serve those in need as Spring storms continue to devastate here and abroad.

Let's continue our mission of spreading love and peace and enjoying each other!

As always, LOVE to hear any items you love to share. I have been receiving really wonderful emails and I enjoy your friendships immensely!!


Los Angelista said...

Gosh, the storms have been bad, haven't they? We don't get thunderstorms out here in LA so I'm anticipating that my boys are going to freak out when we're in Chicago/South Bend this summer. They've never experienced one of those really bad summer storms! And they've never seen fireflies either! So exciting!!! said...

My goodness they have! Last summer my family and I actually went down to the basement on two occasions after hearing the warning sirens ~ I live in downtown Chicago!

We have veggie Chicago-style hotdogs with sweet potato fries waiting for ya and fireflies galore!