March 19, 2008

Triumphant with Bliss

As our conversation with Tamera Daun continues, I must say that I have had "Absolute(ly) Bliss" ful feelings all week as I keep her main points and general ideals flowing throught my brain. I have acquired this new validation of myself that I did not have prior to reading "Absolute Bliss". I am nearly finished with the book ~ uhhmmm, and quite possibly I can entice Tamera to further our studies!

But seriously, I have a new confidence, a new spirit of triumph over my past! And I hope it is a doorway to even MORE peace! Thanks Tamera!!


What brings you peace?
What brings me peace?

My moments of greatest peace are when I can sit outside, and soak in nature. It is when I feel that I connect with the ebb and flow of this nature, although it is oblivious of my existence. It reminds me that no matter what, I am a part of this beautiful world. It is also always a reminder that no matter what happens, life does go on. The world does not cease to exist if I should experience a problem, so the best thing to do is to align myself once again with my nature, and trust that everything will work out for the best. I have cultivated this way of "being" through years of simple meditation. In emptying the mind, we become aware of how busy it becomes with unnecessary worry and thought. Ironically enough, as some parents become stressed by the bantering of their children (or, between them if people have more than one child), I feel peaceful in the situation. I love it, and could sit and listen to them go at it for hours. It reminds me that I have children, that there is life in the house, and that they are exercising who they are. Each age has its charm, but I think that the teenage years are just really something, watching them become who they uniquely are, and having the language to express it.

What is your advice on navigating career challenges?
I cannot find one specific answer to this. I have found that no matter which challenge presents itself, we must always operate from our core self. In that way, no matter the outcome, we will always be happy with ourselves. Each choice and challenge brings new learning. I would also say not to plan too much. If we focus too tightly on one specific goal, the best opportunity we could ever imagine could pass us right by, and we wouldn't even notice it. Stay open, aware, alert, and flexible to opportunities that present themselves, and don't knock them just because they may not seem attractive at first.

What is your recipe for success?
Get into a program for personal development. Not necessarily the superficial type that one might encounter, but one that brings you through the layers, and down to your core. I personally recommend Reiki, however, I do not recommend just any Reiki. I am from the old school of the original Japanese methods. Much of the Western practices are New-Age based, and although there is nothing negative about that, it is not necessarily what Reiki is about. I used several years on my training over in Scandinavia with one mentor. I am skeptical of the types of Reiki courses where coursing up to Master level is done through a weekend seminar. It is just not the way it is meant to work. It is a life philosophy, and rigorous practice. Anyhow. Personal development will lead you back to yourself, and anything coming from your core, will turn out to be a success. And, I might add, even if it doesn't meet the definition of "success" that others may hold.
This sharing from Tamera Daun has really uplifted me ~ I can only hope you all were uplifted as well! Contact Tamera at any of the sites below ~

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