March 26, 2008


Did you miss me? Well, I missed you! I have not seen a blog, including my own in 7 days!

Where was I? Palm trees and pool side ~ yup, uhuh, finally got some sun and relaxation. I relax here with you guys, sure! But Florida beckoned, and I answered!

They are REALLY unhappy about the decision to disregard their votes. Its pretty much on the lips of everyone, but I did not linger on those misfortunes. Too many blue skies distracting me while Chicago continued to get snow!

I eagerly anticipate catching up on all of your good news as well and will be back to commenting and joyfully reading your views and opinions. I had hoped to have access to a laptop or computer while down there, truly I did, but was unable to find any! seriously!

I really plan to invest in a laptop soon.

Meanwhile, please continue to inspire each other and I look forward to bringing you more health, more happiness and paths to a better me and a better you!


kr said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamera Daun said...

Boy. That looks fantastic. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I can so imagine that they are disgruntled about their votes. I'm sure that I would be too, the race being as close as it is. Pure frustration. said...

KR, Thanks!!!

It was fantastic, thanks!

Yes, I was surprised how frustrated Floridians are, and rightfully so. Many would just bring it right up (and the topic always came up); its right there on the surface.

I truly hope it is resolved amicably.

Los Angelista said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and that you didn't have a laptop! It's totally essential to unplug completely sometimes.

I feel bad for the people in Florida but I also feel like folks knew this was going to happen. At this point, I think they should just split the delegates evenly and let that be that. said...

Los Angelista,
You are right, I felt disconnected the first day and the last day!

I was in Naples, so it was VERY serene. You only see other people if you really want to!

I agree with your resolution for the delegates. Now if only everyone would put their agendas aside and let the people speak! Oh well...