January 29, 2008


Liz was 23 years old when she discovered a lump in her breast. Her diagnosis was to go home. Her physician felt she was too young for it to be cancerous. Liz went home and five years later became a casualty of this war on our health.

There are so many assaults on our daily existence. Accidents. The food we eat, the products we use and the air we breathe. The care we are given and the time we can NOT have to just be leisurely!

Before Liz's illness, Ramona was busy being a driven professional. With a degree in communications, she was a marketing and public relations dynamo!! Ramona was versatile with diverse experience! You can read more about Ramona here.

Ramona had been contemplating the entrepreneurial possibilities prior to Liz becoming ill, but after taking time off with her family to care for Liz, Ramona was able to use her passion, her pain and abilities to put in motion something phenomenal.

Losing Liz February 1, 2006 could have been the end. Instead, in her passing there has become a fertile ground; a blossoming in us all of the possibilities we can nurture just from our love for someone dear.

Liz being very trendy and a shopper inspired Ramona to develop, what she refers to as her type-A personality, into two functioning entities. Type A Solutions is the forum that allows Ramona to use her knowledge to market businesses and organize lives. Uptown Liz allows shoppers to feed that consumer's desire all while giving back! When you shop Uptown Liz, proceeds go directly to charitable causes! I know you all know how psyched I was about that! Ramona lists quite a variety of charitable organizations too! That makes it so much easier for the conscientious giver!

While you are shopping you can do your part for world hunger and breast cancer!

For Leukemia and Animal Cruelty!

There is so much more to tell you! Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we will talk a bit more about being type-A and what Type-A Solutions could possibly do for you!

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