January 30, 2008


What is type A exactly??? According to Dictionary.com type A means "of or pertaining to a pattern of behavior characterized by competitiveness, a sense of urgency, impatience, perfectionism, and assertiveness, and possibly associated with an increased risk of heart disease". Well, okay, Ramona is certainly assertive and a perfectionist. I do suppose it would take a strong woman to capitvate and manuever in this fast paced world, so I am thinking, whatever your business needs, you may just want to direct some of that energy toward her, if nothing else...just to see what she'd do with it! You may wake up one morning telling Donald Trump where to put his stocks! I really don't know what to say about the heart disease comment. BUT I know for a fact that Ramona has a very big, beautiful and hearty HEART, thank you very much!

It seems that Type A Solutions can ultimately assist you in most of your business needs. Web design, graphic design, media relations, advertising, you name it!

In my humble opinion, the thing that makes Ramona so effective is her sincerity. I believe that when she takes a task on, she firmly belives in it and can spread that enthusiasm in all of the right directions.

Of course it is one thing to have this option for your business, but for her to even offer the concept for your own personal lifestyle really characterizes a special, and deeply committed human being. This type of service is personal and can only be maintained by someone who has just the right touch! What an incredible statement, to love people so much, that you would want to share and give of yourself in a way that encourages others to reach their highest potential and achieve their life-goals ~ what a momentous concept!

So, check out Ramona, give her a call, or visit the website if you get stuck on where you're going, where you need to be, or if that project needs that boost or just the right PR! Check out Ramona, in depth as she will be our Friends On Friday focus!!!

"Ramona is THE go-to person",

~~ Randi L. Knott, Director of Government Affairs, KB Home

"...one of the most organized, motivated and enthusiastic individuals I’ve worked with",

~~ Kelli Reid, Director of Client Services, McNally Temple Associates, Inc.

“In leaving the people’s business in their hands, we can not be wrong.”
- Abraham Lincoln

Ramona Russell
Tel: (916) 835-4300
More Friday!

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