January 14, 2008

All I can say

After listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, as I have for the last 34 years, let this be the last day. He in my opinion, has gone too far. We people of color have short memories and really need to step back and be mindful. I am reticent to say this, but, it appears he may be an opportunist. It only took me one google search and a blink of my memory to recall, Tom Joyner used to love the Clintons. In the name of peace and racial harmony, could we as Americans of color just stick to the issues. If you support Senator Obama great! Whomever you support, GREAT! But do your homework, I can't say it enough. Check out DiveristyInc to familairize yourself with who has the ENTIRE country's concerns at heart. This constant race badgering is tiresome and divisive and misdirects people from the issues.

Then check this out from not too long ago TOMJOYNER.

Shame on you Tom Joyner Morning Show. You well know how hard this is for us all, after all the Clinton Administration has done for our community, and the desire to have Senator Obama for president. It should be handle more dignified. It should be handled with respect. And more importantly it should be handled with an objective in mind, bring the country out of unrest. Needless to say, I won't be adding to TJMS ratings any more.

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