January 15, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Whew. Clearly, though I try, I am just not cut out for politics. I have worked on senate campaigns, mayoral campaigns, and aldermanic (Chicago politics)campaigns and have decided whomever wins the primaries with the best record and has the entire country's concern at heart is who I will also consider campaigning for. Fellow blogger Elaine Vigneault posted this in Novemeber 2007 and it resonated with me as to who is really for the country as a whole. But when it all comes down to it, I am passionate about bettering our planet and helping those who have that agenda. BUT the whole era of radio/internet/web/debate has taken this far beyond what I consider palatable. People are downright mean and fanatical. They are uninformed and belligerent and quite frankly that disturbs my peace! I woke up this morning completely renewed. I changed my radio station to NPR. In the car I listened to music. And that has made all the difference. I think I just want the facts. All of this emotional hubbub has nothing to do with the facts. I can no longer submerge myself in these daily debates of who did what said what how and why. ITS EXHAUSTING! Its like high school times a quadrillion!

I have realized that I need to just keep doing my thing. Humanitarianism. Amazing ~ some people in the blog world don't know what that really means. Being concerned with the well being of others. Servicing the community. Implementing programs and urging the government ~ local and federal ~ to grant money that would help others. And if there is no help, then you begin a NGO (nongovernmental organization). Maybe we could stop being so angry and think about teaching it in classes to prepare the next generation for giving. My son's school has community service as part of the curriculum.

Finding compassion during this time in our lives has increased dramatically. What could be more exciting? I am so encouraged by the stories I have been reading where people have been donating half of their low-income salaries to others! It is a blessing to HELP OTHERS.

I have no stamina going toe to toe with angry people, SO, I'm gonna go back to what works for me! What say you? What works best for you?? I want to know! Hopefully it is copasetic!


Liz said...

It does feel like high school -- a bit like the competitions run for prom queen or homecoming queen.

I love that your son's school has community service in the curriculum. That's truly inspiring.

Houseonahill.org said...

Liz, that's true. And yes it is inspiring when little people help others. My son and his classmates really enjoy it.

Elaine Vigneault said...

I think anger can be a powerful motivator. For some people it's a negative, destructive force, but for others it's a strong motivation for change. I don't think anger is necessarily bad.

However, when I feel overwhelmed by fights and drama in the blogosphere I deal with it by taking a break. I will often just stop reading the offensive blogs for a while and work on developing my own blog and my own thoughts. In other words, I tune them out.

Vacations help, too. Even little vacations work - like a walk in the park or a pedicure or a nice bath.

Thanks for the link, by the way :)

Houseonahill.org said...

Elaine, thanks for the comment. I am trying all of the above! I really like the "walk in the park or a pedicure or a nice bath" idea. I should be rejuvenated by next week...we'll see!