January 13, 2008

GO ELI!!!!

I don't really know why I am rooting for the Giants, but I am. Maybe it is because I like rooting for the underdog. Maybe it is the sad fact that the Bears went nowhere fast. Could it be that we let R.W McQuarters go from Chicago, and I 'm still cheering him on? Maybe it is to spite my son, or maybe it is due to being sympathetic toward being the younger of siblings. Eli is the baby of a trio of football playing brothers.

I like Peyton Manning as well, but I never root for him. Why would I? He has endorsements up the wazoo, he already won the Super Bowl (2007) and everybody knows he is great.

I cheer for Eli because he has had the hard way. People scrutinizing him, comparing him, and doggone it, never giving the guy a break! I think today the point spread was that the Giants would be defeated by 7 points. You probably heard me wherever you are in the world when I screamed! The Giants up by 21-17 in the 4th quarter with only minutes to go! Sure anything could happen in four minutes or even two, but it was the Giants day! They would prevail! You could just feel it!

It is sad for Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. I personally think he has the Jessica Simpson curse, which is fine by me! I can root for my Eli all the way to Arizona! Super Bowl XLII!!!

What a kick in the teeth to Peyton. Losing his playoff spot and having to share endorsements with baby bro!

I get a tickle and a laugh. Being the baby is such a hard way to go. If you get the chance to show your stuff and be on top for a change, well, even if you're doing it while riding someone else's wave, it sure is sweet! Thanks Eli, What a play, what a day! Go Giants!

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