December 20, 2007

Don't Fret We're All Family!

When you think of the state of the family and the world today, you may become inclined to get depressed and run to your physician for one of those prescriptions! It is occurring all over our world. I read this very well written piece featured on the Blogher ad and am now inspired to contact Germany! They are having a rash where mothers are killing their children. Please read it! It is by a wonderful woman, Rose-Anne Clermont, who has dedicated her career, it appears, in commentating on the strife of our world's children.

I can not help but wonder if some of our world's problems are caused by what we are ingesting. The feed we give our stocks and crops and the preservatives in our drinks and treats may be negatively affecting the brain. I am no scientist,historian, nor am I a naturalist, but I am aware that infanticide and child killings have occurred since the beginning of time (and occurs frequently in nature). We can, however, find comfort in the statistics that prove we are a less violent society per person than in the times before us.

In saying that, I must emphasize that we are in a state where we can effect change like we have never been able to before. With the click of a mouse we can reach across continents. We can spread love and devotion on a computer screen. We need to share our knowledge and compassion.

I think that is what Latrice Fowler has begun. With her blogs here, she has shown that you can include your children in a way that inspires others. What better way to spend quality time with your family than when encouraging them to cook!!! It is such a more positive experience than that quick trip through the drive-through!

Latrice Fowler -
Raising Chefs ...not just good cooks!

Latrice's other entrepreneurial projects promote taking care of the spirit and encouraging entrepreneurship within the black community. In light of all the recent outrageous commentary within the media, it is nice to read postive accolades. So, thanks Latrice for encouragement and grace! Every little bit helps! (an online diary of a culinary home chef) (a spiritual minded blog to inspire the uninspired) (an online entrepreneurial blog)


KR said...

WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for providing the links to Fowler's blogs, House! They're phenomenal! And, I couldn't agree more...good old fashioned home cooking is the only way to go! said...

You are welcome!!