December 20, 2007


Please contact your local officials who are representing you in Washington to tell them you are unhappy with the treatment of the residents in New Orleans! I mean honestly, have these councilmen never heard of "town hall meetings"?? Have the churches and other community services been allowed to have the councilmen visit and let displaced residents speak? And what about those who remain displaced outside of Louisiana?

Our friend, Tracie L. Washington of the has been very careful and hesitant to put blatant racism out there. She has been a proponent, being a civil rights attorney, for ALL, including the immigrant worker, so if she is saying "racism", I am listening. In addition to that, I am watching, and I hope the rest of the world is watching with me:

Whatever your opinion regarding this, make your voice heard. These New Orleanians have endured far too much. Peace and love and understanding should be abundant for them now...even if the housing has to be demolished. For as far as I could see, those buildings were the sturdiest things standing in New Orleans. A makeover? YES. But suffering at the hands of federally backed developers is too much of a possibility if the world turns their back for one minute! Don't let New Orleans undergo a political hurricane! Say something, say anything, say SAVE NOLA NOW!

Visit here to educate yourself and Please check your local stations or visit NOLA.COM for details!!!!

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