December 11, 2007

by Janet Snell

Today is a sullen, wet rainy, icy cold, slick, grey December day in Chicago. I can hardly keep my eyes open. My coffee is brewing. My brains are in need of a skewer to get them moving. I am not one for Mid-west winter. I am waiting. Spring (which in Chicago is hot and humid like summer) is just around the bend. Us native Chicagoans LIVE for it. 5 months of hot, sweaty bliss by the Lake. So where do I turn to when trying to make muck into Mallarme? I like to look at Janet Snell's pieces. They turn me away from mundane, and introspectively back into the best part of the world, our thoughts, our passions! It is our dreams and our visions that lead to enjoyment and light. I for one have made my own day by contemplating this piece. Then I visited here and the SnellSisters made me LAUGH! Thanks ladies! I am still laughing.

You can see more of Janet's work here and throughout the week on "Healthier, Happier, You!!!!

Wherever you are today, make it a good one~I hope this helps!

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