December 11, 2007

On Loving Ryan

Ryan by Janet Snell

I personally love Ryan. Getting to know the Snell sisters has been such a gift. Though I have not been able to look into their eyes or hold warm skin to give gratitude for their contributions, it is amazing how much heartfelt emotion can come through the written word, through this technology, and through the love of art. I have an appreciation for their expression via the internet. A few months ago I could barely open my email correctly! To me, this new medium has given far more meaning than I could have ever imagined! Okay, back to loving Ryan...when I birthed my own little nugget into this world, I became someone quite outside of myself. When I look at this piece it reminds me of how deeply I loved this bump of cells and neurons. This is a feeling I like remembering. I still love him but it has now morphed into respect and admiration. It feels good reflecting the time when I held new life and witnessed frail and delicate wonder as a little one discovers their world. Ryan is Janet's nephew. But now, as a piece of art, Ryan can become so many things; in my mind he is a soft melody of youth and promises ~~ of how good things can be and how special life can become if you just hold on for one more possibility.

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kr said...

Both the artwork and its subject are gorgeous! As is the closing sentiment of this blog entry. What a lovely way to begin my day. Thanks, Snell sisters, House on a hill. You are all fantastic!