December 9, 2007

NOLA SUNDAYS ~ Made In New Orleans

Photo of Benjamin Jaffe from PBS

image of The Lousiana Purchase courtesy of this link

Photo courtesy of Mario E. Page

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Louisiana Music Factory
Made In New Orleans


Though Jazz has been alive and well in New Orleans for centuries, there has not been a venue, or hall if you will, for displaying the culture. So, in 1961 an art dealer named Larry Borenstein opened a building he called Preservation Hall. Alan Jaffe, a young tuba player, ran the hall and organized things, naming the performance band after the hall, hence the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was born.

New Orleans was born in 1718 as part of the Louisiana French Colony. Louisiana ceded to Spain in 1763 but was returned to France in 1803. The United States acquired Louisiana in the Louisiana Purchase on December 20, 1803 in the Sala Capitular.

With the Creole culture in prominence, its Catholic and French-speaking rather than Protestant and English-speaking, life took on a more liberal approach celebrating an appreciation for good food, wine, music, and dancing. Spectacular festivals were frequent, and then Governor William Claiborne, the first American-appointed governor of the territory, is said to have commented that New Orleanians were ungovernable because of their preoccupation with dancing.

Whatever the case, New Orleans has been the breeding ground for so many rich and flavorful aspects of our country, as much as I may try, I may not be able to bring ALL of them to you!

This week however, with our discussion on the release of Made In New Orleans and Benjamin Jaffe AND the Anniversary of The Louisiana Purchase coming soon, and of course with Reveillon dinners upcoming, take a trip, make a New Orleanian purchase of your own, or just make a pot of gumbo while listening to these great tunes.

Louisiana Music Factory

Jazz History

Ayez une grande semaine

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