December 30, 2007


This is GREAT for me! The end of the NFL season with my two favorite teams! I know it is NOT yesteryear where I had a dilemma. I was at ESPN Zone with my Chi-Town Bears Hat and Reggie Bush jersey. In my heart I wanted my Bears in the Superbowl. My prayers were answered! And Miami was a blast, but this is NFL 2007, with all that has come and gone.

I read in the Times-Picayune my New Orleanians are not feeling coming up to the cold -- cold weather and cold fans. Some were treated quite badly last year but I am here to apologize. We Bears Fans are brutally loyal. It is no disrespect. We brave below zero, snowstorms and freezing rain for our BEARS. We even stand knee deep in Miami monsoons for them ~ SO, come on up. If you are here, have some fun! WE are not so scary and mean. We are mostly just fans who really love our team. AND there are more like me running around (LOVING your team too) than you would imagine. There are even some phenomenal creole restaurants like "Heaven On Seven" and "Wishbone" for your eating needs!!!

SO, enjoy the day! And goodbye regular season football. I will miss you!!!

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