December 29, 2007

Blooming to Best

Image by K.R Copeland

Yes, we can blossom in the middle of winter. We can bloom in times of "stuff".
How did I rise out of yesterday's funk? Well, I shipped the books I collected from the book drive for Color Online. That made me feel very good! I hope to hold another drive in the spring when everyone cleans out their closets again!!! And I had a few pots of Seattle's Best coffee.

It is my new passion. I go through phases of coffee loving. It has most recently trumped my longest, and deepest love affair with Dunkin Donuts coffee. I had a brief, albeit convenient affair with McDonald's coffee, but am now totally committed to Seattle's Best. SO, if there is a Border's Book Store with Seattle's Best, they are assured a few hours of me toggling about, gathering books and sipping until I am in a caffeinated frenzy!!

1 comment:

kr said...

House, you are such a doll! Thanks for utilizing my pic, and for getting that book donation off to Color Online!! I'm sure the young ladies will be thrilled to receive the literary goodness!!! I look forward to contributing to your next drive as well, so, count me in!