November 28, 2007


Read a very good perspective on vegan/vegetarianism. It is somewhat along the lines of what I feel but could never articulate. I found this blogger -- "Whatsername" -- via blogger I love reading different opinions and ideas, sometimes it helps to formulate your own concept or gives you stance for firmer ground on an opinion you already have. Now, I am sure it need not be said...but I will say it anyway, these blogs I often suggest, in no way have my values or ideals completely...that is not possible...for anyone, I simply suggest just to expand our minds, AND keep us moving forward to wherever it is we are going, which is hopefully a better place, or a better frame of mind at least!


whatsername said...

Thank you for the link, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece! :) said...

Sure thing! I've been reading your blog quite a bit today, good stuff on a cold day in Chicago! Best regards