November 27, 2007

Falling into feeling with Cheryl Snell today!

Late fall, in my opinion, is the perfect time for lyrical absorption. I personally am inspired to creativity in the warmest of weather. Here in Chicago, March through September, submerged in some form of veneration by the shores of Lake Michigan ~~ anywhere from South Shore to Evanston, seeking to be free from the confines of my own mind. But in the fall, I seek others expression. I like reading thought provoking, image refining, soul wrenching, melodic works. Art that feeds the soul. Art that carries the spirit far from where it is, to where it dares to be. Maybe settling into something synesthetic like this:



A man splits a coconut
over a stone. Sweet milk flows
from the hemispheres.

When the stone, unscathed,
leaves the man's hand, it's the air
that cracks during the long hurtle
toward the woman's skull.

Her daughters wail behind her,
tongues trilling against the wind.


Cheryl Snell is a classical pianist, and has two poetry chapbooks. Her novel, Shiva's Arms, will be out next month from The Writer's Lair. Shared with permission.

Check out more of Cheryl's works Friday! She will be our feature on "Friends On Friday"!!

If you would like to read some more of Cheryl's works beforehand, start with a few of these links!

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