November 21, 2007



Folks, I must say, I have been a vegetarian most of this year, and before that strictly NO BEEF. I have examined the benefits of becoming a vegan, but often times cave in when it comes to that perfect gumbo with a spot of poultry, or shrimp, or some other favorite like CHEESE. BUT it is my goal to maintain as healthy and happy a lifestyle as possible! I will NOT be eating MR. Gobbles tomorrow, but he will be there in all his glory at my sister's house. I am still trying to determine which one of these beauties I plan to adopt from OR if I will support who is supporting efforts in New Orleans.
Second Harvest is nation wide, so if you prefer you may contact their website and choose a location that warms your heart. At any rate, let us remember our brothers and sisters, and animals all over this wondrous planet tomorrow when we give thanks. The statistics are that many will be homeless or hungry tomorrow in light of the state of our world (mortgage crisis, catastrophes) so if you have anything...share it and if you don't, give your time, your blessings, your love! Have an awesome holiday!

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