November 20, 2007

Good health is not expensive, It's priceless ~ Patty Matlock

I hope you all had a chance to view "Oprah" today when she listed Shaklee as some of her favorite things! I myself missed the show. BUT, I know what a wonderful product Shaklee is ~ and it is important that I share that their products are not only for cleaning! I have sensitive skin so I use their facial cleansers, makeups, moisturizers and shampoos! I LOVE THEM. I have not had a pimple, an itch or a breakout since I began using their products. I started using Shaklee FOR laundry, dish washing, toilet cleansing, and have incorporated it into just about every "product aspect" in my home. And guess what?? They even have biodegradable cleansing wipes that clean up just about any mess! Many of their products have just been certified kosher!

AND who must I thank for getting me into Shaklee???? Well, I first heard of the product on Oprah back in April 2007 during her Earth Day Show. But me being me, I researched through word of mouth and the Internet and by July I had pretty much set myself on fire about the products. The older women at work proclaimed that their grandmothers used Shaklee ( it is a 50year old business) and that they themselves used the "Basic-H" for cleaning their counters, bathrooms, floors, you name it. I continued my search which led me to WOMENFORHIRE online networking. There I met Patty Matlock, who by the way, was entrepreneur of the month. Anyway, she is a shining example of SO many things, I must introduce you to her this week. I could go on and on about her so I decided to let her tell you herself! Here is PART 1 of our talk. She will be our guest feature on "Friends On Friday" ` so please tune back, for more Shaklee info via Patty!

You left the corporate world to an adventure of selling Shaklee. Shaklee is a lifestyle. It is a vision, AND it is helping people's lives, health, and the planet. Tell us a little about your former life. Once you made the decision to make a change, what steps did you take in your heart and soul? How did you get the courage, and what did people say to you along the way?
I was in IT for 17 years. I was technical support for a great sports company. After getting laid off with 10 years of great service to the company, I was very disappointed. I went to school to get my MCSE--Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer degree. Happy to say, I passed all 6 Microsoft tests on the first try and landed another great job with a start up company in the IT department. I supported their sales reps with all their CRM, laptops and all their technical and software needs. Another great job. Long hours, AND stressful. Work had always come first to me, life second. I worked 10-12 hours a day, sometimes more. After a little over a year, the company went under and with very little notice I was out of a job.

I was taking “Good” vitamins so I thought. I was stressed, tired all the time, my scalp was itchy , my 1 ear was itchy and my hair was thinning. Strange combination. I started to get worried when I noticed my part was getting wider and hair all over the sink and in the shower. I went to 2 different doctors and the both wanted to put me on a prescription and use Rogaine for women. I was a little discouraged with their solutions. I thought. “I don’t think I am tired, scalp itchy and hair falling out due to a lack of Rogaine”. I refused. At about that time I had met someone from Shaklee. She asked me if I feel good and wake up energized each day. Of course I said "NO", I told her my issue. She suggested I start on their Soy Energizing protein, multi vitamin strip, and GLA. She said if I did not feel better in 30 days the company would give me my money back. I was skeptical, I took really good vitamins, so I thought, so I figured, well if I give her some business maybe she would send some computer business my way. I forgot to add that at this point I was doing computer consulting on my own. So I figured, no problem I will get my money back. I ordered my Shaklee products. Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The first 2 weeks I had more energy, my scalp and ear stopped itching. By the end of the month I noticed less hair in the sink. Of course I reordered, this time adding the vitamin shampoo called ProSante’. I am happy to say by the end of the second month, all was clear, not tired, no itchy scalp, ears, dandruff went away and I notice my hair stopped falling out and better yet I can see little pieces growing back. I called my brother my friends and told them about this great company and products. And the bonus was the products are all natural!!!

So that’s how it started for me. I was so excited about my results and sharing this with people I cared about. My Shaklee Colleague said, “Patty, you are doing so good recommending Shaklee to people maybe you should consider starting your own business”.

~~~~ See how Patty turned her story into a Shaklee Business and more on Friday!!

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