November 29, 2007

Ahhh Better Now!

I have just emailed Disney's Headquarters requesting an explanation and offering some amenable suggestions on making this all better. I feel much more at ease now.

I had recently given Disney accolades for its announcement in March 2007 that they would be releasing "The Frog and the Princess".

The first Princess with black-American heritage. The setting in New Orleans...WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE MADE ME HAPPIER???? Yes, I am forty, and I still blush now thinking, "WOW, I could be a Disney Princess too!"

When I was young, we all know what Barbie looked like. And she was IT. I colored a few of them, but it never satisfied me. When I turned about 10 they released the Diana Ross Doll. And you could always go on vacation somewhere and buy a Hawaiian doll or a doll with Indian dress with two pigtails to kind of appease us (my sisters and me) with the color thing. I remember almost twenty years ago, how excited I was to be able to give my nieces dolls that looked like them. That was when Princess Jasmine was released. Since then of course, many dolls of all ethnicities have been released, but Disney is always the precursor, and now to have this happen. I mean, its not intentional, I hope. But it still jabs at the heart a little. It is a swipe. I wish I wasn't feeling so, ICK right now for lack of a better word, or for lack of more time to really articulate what I am feeling...I appreciate having this avenue to vent a bit!

I will let you know what their reply is!

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