November 29, 2007

U 2

Okay, today is just one of those racially charged, very opinion-flowing days in the news and on the lips of so many!

How many posts have I made today??? My goodness. Well, I am back to share a perspective that kind of coincides with my aforementioned posts, in that it offers a different way of looking at the things going on in America with the black and white right now. This kind of exchange goes back and forth as it has for centuries, BUT I am sharing it A/ because it is a topic on many of the other blogs I have read today. B/ because we need to listen to what we are all saying to each other about ourselves. C/ we need to, as a country, reconcile some if this. D/ we need to keep talking, keep pushing, birthing, moving this all around until its fruition. One Love, people, One Love!

Jason Whitlock always has an uncomfortable but formidable line of thought. : Taylor's death a grim reminder for us all


After a day like today won't it be nice to fall into the warmth of good reading with our friend Cheryl Snell??? I am really looking forward to it and hope you are as well!!!

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