October 26, 2007

Dream Big ~ Dream Green ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the entire Ameriprise Series of Ads!!

I wanted to include the Ameriprise ad where Dennis Hopper is in a neighborhood of white houses surrounded by white picket fences, so I started a search. Of course I went to YouTube but it has not been posted yet...SO I surfed around. I have not investigated whether Ameriprise truly helps one to become financially sound, but what I was really intrigued by was their perceptiveness that we as consumers, hard-workers and people of substance need to dream big. Especially as we revisit what happened to our world during the Regan years. I feel like these are the Regan years except now I am all grown up. It is no longer a memory of a nightmare, but something that is very bad and very real.

This has been a tough year to stay focused and upbeat. The world literally seems to be suffering an implosion. It seems to crumble from underneath our feet. But for some reason, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe because I was actually paying attention in physical science and I know that what comes up must come down. It is just the law of nature. This planet will go on with or without us, and in the meantime we need to make it count. So Ameriprise has figured a way to capture us, and we need to let them.

My favorite Dennis Hopper scene, and I really believe it is Hopper at his best, is in "True Romance". Hopper plays Clarence's dad, Clifford Worley who ultimately must be interrogated by head mobster Vincenzo Coccotti played by none other than Christopher Walken. Coccotti tortures Worley to the point where he knows he is going die. So, he asks for a smoke and proceeds to detail for Coccotti just how deeply the Moors invaded Sicily. In actuality, I think St. Benedict the Moor born of African slaves near Sicily, may have been the source of this tirade! BUT IT WAS THE BEST CINEMA of my life to date! Needless to say Christopher Walken (Vincenzo Coccotti) played his best mob man as he terminated Dennis Hopper (Clifford Worley)in outlandish pre-soprano style! "True Romance" is a MUST SEE! ANYWAY!

Back to dreaming! Dennis Hopper has been the consumate dreamer. From "Easy Rider" through "Entourage" he has proven that you just have to take charge of your destiny.
Ameriprise knew he could capture that for us in times such as these. In my search, I was actually led to National Geographic where I picked up this story of the Maucerie's LifeDream, I assume sponsored by Ameriprise. Fulfilled right here in the good ole Chi! Check it out. Enjoy! Visit National Geographic for the entire series. Blow out your candles and make a wish! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make a dream, and then follow it through.

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