October 25, 2007

Put it in Your Pot Today!

KOHLRABI. Has anyone heard of a kohl rabi? Kohl meaning "cabbage" in German. Rabi is German for "turnip". It is a cabbage/turnip? It really looks like a beet that is not ripe. Or an overgrown raddish!

It came in my farm delivery and I boiled it thinking it was a beet. As it boiled, it didn't smell like a beet. As it boiled, it did not bleed like a beet, so about 20 minutes in, I screamed "THIS IS NOT A BEET!" I grabbed my famer's receipt, read "kohlrabi" and ran to my computer to look it up.

There are pages upon pages of kohlrabi information. It's history. It's flavour. it's texture, it's planting time. You can stuff it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautee it, you can even soup it with pepper and thyme.

In Italian it is known as the cavoli rape. Italian can make anything sound good! Such a romantic language!

The best recipe and information was found on http://www.vegbox-recipes.co.uk/ingredients/kohl-rabi.php.

I had unfortunately cooked the poor kohlrabi by the time I discovered this site, but was it ever a treat. I poured into my skillet a tablespoon of hazelnut Tourangelle oil, chopped fresh garlic clove, chopped the entire kohlrabi(stem and all), added season salt and pepper and cooked! It had been boiled about 20 minutes before I realized it was not a beet, so the final product was tender and sweet! Flavorful and healthy! Full of vitamin C and just plain good.

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KR said...

Dear GOD that sounds delicious! You should also try, if you haven't already, some butternut squash, or the "kid friendly" spaghetti squash...a bit of butter, dash of nutmeg and you're good to go! Tis the season!