October 28, 2007


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Louisiana news has been quieted by the disastrous fires out in California. I hope many of you caught the entire run of CNN's "Planet in Peril". If you did not, they are running it continuously, so simply check your television listings. I bring this up because while some of the fires were intentionally set, the fact that some of the fires have become "Super fires" and thus harder to contain are result of our mishandling the environment. Policy that was passed preventing natural fires from burning, eliminating overgrown underbrush, which is a natural cleanser sponsored by nature, has created these occurrences. In the past we have been so concerned with saving ourselves, we have disrupted nature's way of handling things, so She must become bigger and badder to squelch us. I for one, do not blame her!!

In all of this, in my opinion, it is SO important to keep Louisiana in our minds simply because her victims did not have the money, the voting power, or a sound political front to handle things ~~ not minimizing California's pain, but they have the resources and the political power to recover.

Louisiana's hopes now rest with this man. Bobby Jindal. A native from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His parents, from India, attended a university in Louisiana. I think it was Louisiana State. They chose to settle and raise a family in Louisiana.
He has a passion for Louisiana that shines through. I saw him recently on CNN and was very impressed with his passion for his state. I am very sure he will do what he believes is best for Louisiana, but after researching his position, his possibility for success is up for debate.

He is very, very conservative. He is very Republican. You may check out his green record as he voted in Congress, 2005-2006 here: http://www.rep.org/2006_scorecard.pdf

He is not very good on environmental issues. He is against abortion. Period. Regardless of circumstance. Even in circumstances that include rape, incest, deformity or health of the mother.

Anyway, I was so excited to hear about his run. I was so excited about his story. I am saying all of this to you because it really proves that we must research everything! He seems, at face value, the best bet! Growing up a minority in America and making the most of the American Dream is something he accomplished magnificently! He is a Rhodes scholar and at one point was the head of the Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospital. Thank you Wikipedia!

It concerns me, but I am sure Louisianians made the best decision. My only hope is that he doesn't make things worse with his environmental stand. What do you guys think???

Tough questions for tough times!

Be sure to watch K-Ville tomorrow night! Check your local listings!

More on NOLA Sundays next week! Jusqu'à notre prochaine rencontre!!

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