July 26, 2007

When it rains it pours

Literally. It rained and my basement flooded - AGAIN - it floods everytime there is a heavy downpour. Increasingly there are heavy downpours because of the state of our poor planet. YES - I have turned into the proverbial hippy of the 1960's age from whence I was born! Word for today is "OPTIMISIM"!! Better me, better planet, better you!

How do you find optimism in the face of horrific challenge? The struggles that face us today are many, varied, multipilicative. My challenge today is minute in comparison to those that many of us face, but nonetheless, it took a great deal of self-medication and sheer skill to steer myself away from acting like a natural born lunatic toward the woman who sold me my house! It has been one year. My new house began flooding the first weekend I moved in. The developer, a wonderful woman; with some coaxing began moderate aid but nonetheless, a year later the situation remains unresolved. I would very much like to head her tail right into the closest civil court room! But alas, you get more bees with honey. Unfortunately, there are no more bees -- soon our offspring will have no idea what a bee is. I honestly have not seen a bee all summer...I digress, optimism, in the face of challenges, hmmm. Dig deep. Deep into the bright light which is you. The fundamentals are so basic. Light, happiness, oh hell. It is difficult to stay upbeat. It is difficult to remain composed and not feel rage. For all the times you have and will want to rage, stretch your arms high, take a deep breath! And push.

As Shug sang in her song "Sista" from the motion picture "The Color Purple", "I'm feeling fiiinnnne!".

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