July 25, 2007

Taking Time To Be With You

I was recently speaking to someone about forging through this thing called life. Some say it is a rough road. To me it's a constant birthing experience. If anyone has given birth naturally, it is a test of wills. Going against gravity. Going against the natural instinct to rest, stop, die from the hours of agony, yea it is mostly a will full thing. Here inside you is this football that you must pass. The same with life.

Deep in your spirit realm, you recognize a message, whatever that message may be, and your conscience tells you to pursue that message. Be it to move, obtain a higher education, or seek a new job. SO, you push. You push, however small and seemingly insignificant. You make a phone call, or sometimes it begins simply with a thought!
The key to this whole process, I have learned is "uplifting". If you are not a typically uplifting-type person or one who is perpetually happy, well, then uplift others. Staying on a higher road is just quite frankly the only way. Sure you can have a moment of doubt or fear, but in those instances you just reach down and wallow momentarily; feet still uplifted! And keep pushing. You'll be surprised how contagious "uplifting" is!

The other thing is to love you. Not just being arrogant or thinking you are the bomb. REALLY love you and all of your ways. The you inside. The irritating parts of you are still you.

No one owes anyone anything. BUT YOU owe the WORLD everything! Be in touch with your environment. Be in touch with your spirit. Be in touch with Planet Earth. Be in touch with your powerful you. And for goodness sake just push. Whatever comes out on the other side be it a new beginning, a smile or a second chance makes it all worth while. And then you hunker down and do it again.

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