November 6, 2016

#NaBloPoMo oops I missed 5 Days #CubsWin World Series Distraction!

So I've missed 5 days. 


The World Series really had me very tied up! AND I'M NOT A CUBS FAN! 

It was such a picturesque series! I rooted. I laughed. I tried to ignore it. I teased my Cubs Fan son and boyfriend, but once the Dodgers were the team to beat I was ALL IN! I hate the Dodgers and always have! Chicago versus LA is a no-brainer!

After Cubbies won that series, well, I was a Cubs Fan!

Yes, I raised my boys in Wrigleyville until they were in pre-school so ... we have knowledge of being Northsiders. In all honesty, it was Cub Fan behavior that really turned me against the team! 

I lived in the heart of Wrigley just before the Night Games became a fiasco. I lived in a duplex in Boystown and had to survive Fans peeing in my garden, leaving urine in SOLO cups around my garden, vomiting in my garden and being total asses every, single game.

Having been born and raised a Southsider, being a White Sox Fan is simply part of the deal ... so, I was really new to that behavior! Sorry, but Sox Fans are just SO different! 

Once I moved back South in my early 30's, I started going back to Sox Games and really loving the sport all over again.

To my dismay, my youngest turned on me once he started high school and ... well ... we had quite the rivalry. BUT when it comes to THE WORLD SERIES in your home town, you have a choice to make. I could have resisted bandwagoning ... but I have to be true to myself and admit that I became swooped up! They genuinely had me! My co-worker, boyfriend and son are all fans! I was either in it alone or destined to be a bandwagoner. 

To what degree did I bandwagon? Well, I sent my goat on vacation! I went to 35th and Wallace and bought gear! And while I will not go as far as labeling myself a FAN per se, I truly wanted them to win!

But now it is over. There are roughly 147 days until White Sox Opening Day 2017! My goat will ba back from vacation later this week and I will be back in Good Guy Gray and Black screaming 'GO WHITE SOX!"

Big CONGRATS to Chi Cubbies!!! #GoCubsGo ... Crosstown 2017 will be a LOT more bearable because I have been to the other side now!

Just as we did in 2005 after the Sox World Series Win, Bubba and I went to Billy Goat!

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