January 4, 2015

White Castle and the Veggie Slider!

Uh-oh, I am SO AGAINST fast-food, but in my old age, I HAVE to eat regularly or pass out! 

Sometimes you simply HAVE to make a quick stop at a major brand ... AND so, yes, when I was asked to try the White Castle 'Veggie Slider', it was a no-brainer, really.

Dr. Praeger's a well-known, frozen, healthy food brand is behind the little patty. While I do not promote eating anything in a box due to the nature of most of today's preservatives ... sometimes you just have to make a well-informed decision - based on the best you have at hand. Dr. Praeger's has good stuff.

SO, THIS is one of those times where you can, on occasion, eat this and not be mad at yourself!

The 'Veggie Slider' is delicious! I also had to have onion rings.

In my press release, I was also pleased to learn that the veggie patties are cooked separately from the burgers and other proteins using a green spatula.

Go try and let me know your thoughts!

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