January 3, 2015


It's a new year and we are all struggling with how to make life better, make healthier decisions, resolutions, and kicking old bad habits! 


Truly a proponent for implementing these sorts of changes all year long, I examine my deficits monthly so they don't turn into quick fixes that are discarded by February. 

What are some of the the things you all are working on? 

For one, I try to constantly purge the toxins we absorb from our environments. I live a particularly toxic lifestyle. I work in an old government building that probably should be condemned. I live in the downtown area of an urban, inner-city neighborhood that also happens to be the oldest surveying area dating before the Chicago Fire! Did I mention I also have a Metra, Railway and 'L' train running past my house? My home is rehabbed but the structure is from 1825. So, yes, on top of all the things I eat and drink and rub on me, MY LIFE IS TOXIC! 

After I read about oil pulling years ago, it seemed so convoluted quite frankly, with claims all over the place so I set the notion aside. THAT IS, UNTIL, I received an offer to try some! Gurunanada Pulling Oil sent me a bottle and I began 'oil-pulling' immediately upon receipt and have been oil-pulling exactly one month! 

Yes, I recommend it because after a week I did began to expel mucus from my throat. By the one month marker, it was an every day occurrence. I typically do not catch colds, and do not vaccinate other than what is required by law, so thumbs up! Not one cold all season!

Now, the benefits, like I said, are all over the place. Most research claims that 'oil-pulling' is a dental benefit. The more I read however, the Ayurvedic principles are much, much more. This is why I believe the Gurananda brand is a solid choice: it includes several oils that are research recommended. The trifecta includes sesame oil, sunflower, coconut and peppermint. This well balanced approach seems to assist in weight-loss, hydration issues, poor diet and stress - WHY, because those are the things I am working on and it appears to be helping me!!!

Try it and let me know your thoughts!

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