June 13, 2014

Father's Day YUM!


Not really sure why 'Father's Day' ALWAYS means grilling, BUT I'll take it!

Growing up we had BBq's ALL the time. I don't quite remember who did all the grilling, I kinda feel that it was a Family Affair, but we ate succulent fare and partied into the night!

Nowadays, I much rather someone else hold the party, but who doesn't want a deep fryer for that ALL Occasion deep-fried turkey - not - for -just - Thanksgiving - anymore!

Many dads will be looking for that brand new item with the newest feature!

I saw quite a few deals at my friendly neighborhood Home Depot that were pretty darn awesome!

Planning a full day of eating and loving my dad this weekend! What are YOUR plans?

this post is part of the sponsored #HomeDepot #vamosahacerlo project 

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