January 9, 2014

Polar Vortex?



Polar Vortex?

Uh, in 47 years I've never heard of such a thing, but I suppose it exists!

Or, maybe cold weather is just COLD WEATHER!

Bitterly, brutally COLD!

-45 is about as cold as I remember. #Snowmegeddon11 was darn horrific but this cold was nothing fun either.

It did however, make for some incredibly gorgeous pictures.

This weather hit us here in Chicago first. For 48 hours it snowed. Day three the temperatures dropped ... seemingly a degree an hour! Before I knew it it was -45!

Even my doggies were defiant and chose inside training pads over the outdoor extreme.

'Nah, we'll just potty inside, thanks.'

Being a 'native' I got up and went to work.

My previously child-hood-frostbitten fingers are STILL tingling from three days ago!


As the system moved East, we learned about weather systems, the strength of people and resilience of the human spirit!

I will not be swayed by the cold ( I keep repeating until I can almost believe it! )

From Atlanta to the East Coast! Stay warm! It's not finished yet!

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