January 3, 2014

Happy New Year One and ALL!

Where have I been??? I don't know. I don't relish the holidays, but I managed to have a really great one despite my loathing.

I really am light-sensitive and easily Vitamin D deficient - AND I HATE THE COLD AND SNOW.

I made my gumbo for Reveillon, and must admit it was my best roux yet!

nothing tastier than a dark, dark roux!

I made a HUGE pot of gumbo but you couldn't see inside so I put some in a sauce pan

Reveillon Dinner this year was Jumbo Stuffed pasta shells, gumbo, rice and corn-bread.

My boyfriend's mom hid what I brought over she loved it so much!

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

I want some!!!

~Dwana said...

sure thing Laila!