July 11, 2013

Not Getting Any Better

Healthy is a state of mind as well as a bodily maintenance objective.

I struggle, do you?

As the mother of two young men of color, I often worry about the state of the world, the state of men's minds and why people hate.

A George Zimmerman is my worst nightmare.

It is so obvious that George Zimmerman was a wanna-be superman whose intentions remain malevolent and destructive.

Now, I realize that 17 year olds can be killers, but with my 24 years experience, if they are the sort to seek out situations, you know it. They are loud and clear about their intentions. Who they are is evident. Our spirits and our collective community souls are telling us that Trayvon Martin was hunted down and killed like an animal, because someone thought he was, in fact, an animal. He was obviously a typical kid. Making his way, sowing his oats, being very typical, much like my own young men. No teen is perfect. They are finding out about the world, it is just sad when they learn the deepest, ugliest, part of life that ultimately leads to their deaths.

This court proceeding regarding Trayvon's murder is not only hurtful to people of color who have children, it is definitely life altering. I am usually careful when comparing iconic racially motivated murders because they are each horrifically disgusting in their own ways, but in terms of a mother seeing her teen-aged son brutally defiled, I can not help but think of Emmet Till's mother pain and now Sybrina Fulton.

Knowing that someone thought so little of someone you took time and effort in raising, loving and nurturing...

Not caring at all about their lives, who loved them, makes me so sad. It is the worst part about man-kind. It is the worst part about racial divide and ethnic hatred.

Sometimes I feel that we will never do any better than we are right now.

I love my babies. I love all of their faults. I love watching them make their ways. I certainly want the world to appreciate what I've contributed in keeping them alive. People without color who are afraid of them have their own issues and this is the state of our world today. So now what?

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