June 22, 2013

On loving ...

I have only rescued animals.

My cat Sasha was a stray. She was my thoughtful, and endearing companion who died after 20 years, in my arms, literally...

I have about as much compassion as I am made up of water. It is just something my God blessed me with, if you think of it as a blessing, which I do...most of the time. 

I have rescued countless things, including a dragon geico, and a few people along the way, BUT, none have really made me pause and wonder about the abuse they've endured like Duke.

The Duke

My older dog, that I've had since she was 8 months, was bait in a West Side pitt-bull fight. This awful occurrence was thankfully broken up by the police I work with. Her abuse, while traumatizing, was short-lived and she has fully recovered. She has been spoiled rotten by everyone, especially Granpa, ever since. 

Sandy being spoiled by Granpa

Duke & Sandy

This guy, well, it seems like he was really tortured. So many things that should not bother a dog terrify him: shadows, door bells, loud noises, reaches for his head or paws, touching certain areas, taking things out of his mouth. I've been around enough dogs to know that someone was really mean to this little guy. He does not appear to have run away as much as I think he was lost or kicked out. He follows us everywhere. He hates to be left anywhere, even at home.

We really hope that our love will be enough to bring him out of his shell to trust and be confidant. Everyone deserves that. Awwww, and just look at that face!

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