May 25, 2013

All My Children In The Daytime, Dallas At Night!

My sons don't really "get" my appreciation for Soap Operas. 

I still refer to them as "My Stories".

I watched All My Children, One Life To Live, Loving, General Hospital, Port Charles and Dynasty.

So when ABC decided to cancel my beloved AMC & OLTL I WAS LIVID!

I sulked for days. I petitioned with the masses and boycotted ABC Daytime.

Major brands and networks really need to consider their audiences before making such major decisions ESPECIALLY since we are the saps watching their commercials.

So when all else fails, turn to the internet! I really prefer how blogs run ads quite personally. It is a more personal and decisive action. Yet, major brands have now hijacked the shows we watch online!

If I am online and I see something I like, I stop and give it the attention it deserves. I detest being held hostage by brands and networks while I am watching a show, especially one I PURPOSELY did not watch on television - it is annoying.

ANY WAY! My stories are back! They are on the internet!


Yes the once free app is now charging up the gazoo. My son has agreed to live without NETFLIX so that we can order HULU so I can watch my stories at my convenience.

I can watch them free on my laptop but for any mobile device it is $7.99 a month.

I can't help but feel slightly molested by the mobile device-world but they know they have us by the "cojones". 

The sad thing is that I am from the era who remembers how few ads there used to be. I recall when most of my favorite shows were in black & white! Twighlightzone, Eddie's Father, Bewitched, The Adams Family and more were ALL in black & white!

Okay! It is dreary and cold enough here in Chicago, where I do not feel bad for staying in and catching up on Pine Valley!

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Cassie Hicks said...

You know, Dwana, when ABC Daytime's then-CEO Brian Frons had decided to cancel "All My Children", along with "One Life To Live" three years ago, I was disheartened, as well, and I might not have known what else to do, except, do those tasks from Facebook, courtesy of Kymberleigh McLaughlin, aka, Kymba Warrior. So, I was thinking. I've been thinking that as soon as the rights of "All My Children" return to ABC Daytime, along with "One Life To Live",(The court date between the network and Prospect Park is on a Thursday.)I've been meaning to invite the cast and crew of "All My Children" to Chicago's YWCA, once a season, with a singer of my choice. Since I feel that you're all that I have, I thought I could turn to you for assistance for an interview about my three topics that are about soap operas and music. What do you say? You don't have to make me famous to do so. Thank you very much.