May 27, 2013

If a Pitt Bull & Shih Tzu can do it ...

Yesterday there was peace in my house.

The Pitt Bull and the Shih Tzu only tried to kill each other once!


So peace can be achieved. If only warring countries, factions, races, ethnicities, religions ... had the patience to be very loving. I believe all disagreements can be dealt with lovingly.

The "push-pull" is where we fall short. No one gets what they want. Simple. Did you really need it anyway?

The pig-ear they fought over? It is in the garbage. I did the same thing with my boys when they were growing up- love comes first. If there is no respect and no love then what is the point? People's wants and desires change - love never does.

Okay, so love is a many splendid thing. It takes hard work, dedication, Initiative and desire.

If my dogs can do it against their nature.... what does that say about grown, educated, people?

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