February 19, 2013

Très bien, Hennessy!

Hennessy V.S 
Never stop. Never settle.

I am sure that being a blogger has many perks. Well, I can actually say that it HAS an incredible amount of many perks. 

One of those many perks is being invited to really fancy dinner parties.

Have you ever had Crostini with butternut squash, apples, radicchio saba?
I did, and it was paired famously with the venue (Nellcôte's) Punch that features Hennessy VS, Rum, Hum, Earl Grey Tea, Orange Liquer, Prosecco, Lavendar & Orange Bitters.

Dining with complete strangers is actually fun, especially when there are libations involved. At the hands of Benjamin Newby, who is often referred to as a drink architect, Hennessy became fruity, fragrant, sweet, tart, frothy, and spicy all in one night!

What was my favorite?

The Hennessy XO served neat. I am a neat kinda girl, and this was paired like this...

 ...with the most incredible Chocolate Parfait Dessert I've had!

To top the evening off, we were in the most magnificent company of Cyrille Gautier-Auriol.

Charming as he is handsome, Cyrille informed us of Hennessy history, his exuberant personality kept us engaged and he was such a delightful host. Sitting with all of us individually throughout the night was such a warm and inviting gesture!

I must admit, I was not a Hennessy gal until now and trust that it will be an important part of my repertoire all thanks to this lovely evening.

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