February 18, 2013

Andrea Mistretta ~ New Orleans Mardi Gras soul

My love for Andrea Mistretta began in 2009 during our first interview. READ IT HERE
Andrea has some more great and exciting things going on and I've asked her to share them with us! THANKS Andrea!

I LOVE what's going on on your Facebook Page!

Dwana, Thank you for being an ever faithful fan and friend for years. 

What is new for you?

Breaking News: To be published in New Orleans’ major newspaper: Times Picayune on Wed, Feb 20, 2013- See the preview:http://blog.nola.com/new_orleans/2013/02/mardi_gras_of_new_orleans_kept.html
•Private commissions, canvas paintings. 

Andrea Mistretta©2013

Email inquiries: andiart@optonline.net

•Signed and Numbered limited edition giclees:

Andrea Mistretta©2013
•“Ceramic Canvases” One-of-a-kind Objet D’art.

Andrea Mistretta©2013
           Your have so many new initiatives going on.
•I am currently creating holiday themed art seen from QVC, to major store chains during the Christmas holiday season for gift bags and gift packaging as I have for the past 18 years. Some examples:

Andrea Mistretta©2013 

Andrea Mistretta©2013
•Designing Vodka bottles and ads for LUCKY PLAYER BRANDS  http://www.facebook.com/kingcakevodka

Andrea Mistretta©2013
•I am active protecting artist’s rights with:   http://www.illustratorspartnership.org/

•I am writing an Italian-American cookbook and am cofounder of Italian American Social Club Waldwick.   book Book signing appearance at UNICO’s Italian Heritage Day March 3rd.

Try some of my New Orleans Style SICILIAN HOT SAUCE:  http://sicilianhotsauce.com/
And...Mardi Gras Hot Sauce too!
Andrea Mistretta©2013

Andrea Mistretta©2013
•I am the founder of Friends of White’s Pond (an environmental activist group).http://www.facebook.com/pages/Waldwick-Friends-of-Whites-Pond/138905229528532?fref=ts

What is the new jazz series all about? 
It’s not so new but Jazz is timeless and I love music. Postal stamps were issues in 1992 and the poster in 2006. I would love to create an official New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival poster.

See my interview including the Jazz series on this great music blog: 

Will you be traveling around the country or having more events in New Orleans?

My wish is to kick off a 30th year exhibition in New Orleans in 2015. A “Homecoming for the First Time” for the original Mardi Gras paintings never shown in public before - in the place that made the art famous!

I also envision bringing the exhibit to other cities like CHICAGO and to places with art museums and centers to bring inspiration, color and creativity of Mardi Gras and a taste of New Orleans culture. Mardi Gras is a great theme and cause for celebration anytime of year. It’s a great fundraising backdrop for the exhibition venue. Additionally I’d offer programs: •Adult: Power Point talk. • Kreative Kids Krewe (mask making and coloring workshop)  •Do a poster and book signing.  

You will forever be a part of Mardi Gras, how has this now historical fact left you feeling?

I’m honored to be associated with the great city of New Orleans, and a piece of true Americana with Mardi Gras.

As an example of an artist who found creative musings from and in New Orleans with Mardi Gras, I feel a responsibility to pay respect to New Orleans by upholding a positive image because it sometimes get a bad rap in the media.

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