January 17, 2013

Youth as Terrorists

Sadly, this scene has been a frequent pattern in my life. First as a teen at Whitney Young H. S.  being chased and harassed by the "neighborhood" high school students. Being rushed and taunted was a daily thing.

As a teen nearly EVERY house party was turned out - just like this scene - but NO ONE DIED. There were no shootings back then. Stabbings? Yes. That injury required you going home and telling your mom, and after you healed, you probably got a good a** whooping for being involved in some silly crap. Nowadays, kids die. They die every day. Slain in the street like an animal.

These fatherless, soulless, terrorists are running our communities using guns that they have no business with. Guns that have plagued us far too long. Guns that have money behind them that we will never see.

This may be the medias way of "putting" black people on front street - their favorite pass-time, but one day soon they may grow tired and showcase the same incidences occurring in lower-class white communities, Hispanic communities, and even up north in the Asian communities. Court houses around the county reflect the truth - this is NOT just a black disease. Guns are killing us all - urban, rural, black, white, Christian, Buddist, Sikh, jew and gentile.

Step it up people, or I'll be typing this to you from the other side.

For goodness sake, someone DO something!

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