January 19, 2013

Chef's Table with Cabot Cheeses & the Marion Street Cheese Market

my favorite entree was this quail egg!

I LOVE cheese. 

There are very few varieties (if any) that I dislike. I will always enjoy a great cheese or even just a good one.

My collaboration with Cabot came about quite naturally, but it has been such a great source of joy!

Life is tough, so why not embrace the things that make you happy?!

"Healthier, Happier, You!" is ALL about taking the best journey for you!

Here I was introduced, by Cabot, to a local establishment that I will now be a regular patron of!

Marion Street Cheese Market is in the heart of Oak Park, Illinois. Minutes from where I work, this grocer, market, restaurant is amazing! AND it is a Certified Green Restaurant!

Chef Leonard Hollander is so creative and health conscious. Entrée after entrée was carefully and meticulously prepared to perfection.

I give Marion Street Cheese Market, Chef Leonard Hollander and the Cabot Cheeses that adorned each plate a THUMBS UP!

The big hit was the cheesecake he just whipped up, but each dish was absolutely incredible! SORRY, I ate it so fast - no chance for a pic!

Here is the menu which is also a listing of what we enjoyed and the Cabot Cheese that accompanied it:

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